Rental Rates

Daily $99.00   |   Weekly Quote   |   Monthly Quote

Rates All rates listed are based on a calendar day.
Miles 150 Free Miles per day; $0.45 per mile thereafter.
Fuel Return vehicle with same level of fuel as when rented; otherwise $15.00 surcharge plus the cost of fuel.
Delivery Renters typically pick up their vehicle from our facility. We can arrange to deliver or retrieve your vehicle if necessary. A fee will apply, and we request 48 hour notice.
  • All renters must be at least 25 years old and possess a valid drivers license.
  • Proof of current auto insurance at time of delivery.
  • All renters must present a valid credit card in his/her name.
        (Upon completion of rental, you may pay with cash, debit card, credit card, cashiers check
        or travelers check.)
  • Wheelchair Accessible Vans - 877.417.9901
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